sexta-feira, outubro 05, 2007


Tks Fran...Silent Hill was a great movie, specially the soundtrack:)

"Hello friends (this thing called myspace is n ot totally bad, ha,ha). Thank you for sending me the link to th shop where I could FINALLY buy your cd. SO the internet works, ha,ha
The firs thing Iwould like to tell you is that, thank to the bastards in Correos España, I have paid 25 euros for your cd, ha,ha. You cannot complain, eh, in middle of emule era.ha,ha.
well, I still havent been able to listen it enough times but in my opinion it sounds really well, i dont regret about the fucking 25 euros. When I told you that your music reminds me Akira YAmaoka is in the songs with female voice in silent hill 3 and 4 sountrack, listen and compare. About the cover, ha,ha, I will be sincere: I am a die hard fan of heroes del silencio and listening entre dos tierras without arpegios neithr guitar solo is strange for me, but, if you do the song again the same as original....what is the sense of the cover?. So I could say that sound s interesting, I.llshow my friends. And spanish pronunciation is quite good, really. Congratulations. Seriously, you surely think the same but your music is very very interesting and singular (well, at the beginning reminded me Guano apes a bit) and you should be more known, maybe with a bigger label. is not fair. A million o medicre bands with their cds on the stands in shops around the world and yours is impossible to find. I hope you have better luck in future, or I will have to contact you again for buying your next cd, ha,ha
Really, great music "strange" design", all my best wishes , you deserve it. Peace and loive, hope to see yo touring some day.
By FRAN luminaria "

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