segunda-feira, março 09, 2009

In her hole

I shant think of her when I'm awake
However in sleep I can't escape
A Coney Island high when I get inside
All I is please say out of my dreams

Near the streets of Richmond and Hylan
Dwells the princess of Staten Island
A seven dollar toll will get me in her hole
All I ask is please say out of my dreams

Through long gone, she won't let me forget
When at night I wake up in her sweat
A lonely Brooklyn troll, a ghost of Red Hook old
All I ask is please stay out of my dreams

With your straight black hair and emerald green eyes
Hippies pointing "That's Pete's sister in disguise"
Maybe you had uttered those words as a jest
I don't mind the allegations of incest

At the time I though I could love no other
Till I heard you say that I was your brother
In your e-mail said how much we look like twins
How it turned you on just knowing it's a sin

Stay out of my dreams

Lyrics by Type O Negative