sexta-feira, dezembro 07, 2007

Sophia Goes to Toyland

E porque as minhas mais-do-que-tudo lá convenceram a Tia Sophia ou Chopia (Theresa's speaking:)) a levá-las ao Noddy Live, lá estarei amanhã. Party Time! Talvez me inspira:) Who knows? O Noddy de facto, é um grande mistério...

The meaning of the name Theresa, or Teresa, is "one who reaps". The name implies one who is destined to work hard, but who will receive great bounty for her efforts. The name is associated with the fall season of the earth's life cycle: a time of harvest, of plenty, of purposeful labors, of warmth and generosity. Theresa shares her harvest with the world, as the earth has given its fruits to Theresa, thus respecting and supporting the natural cycle of life.(In Wik.)

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Anónimo disse...

Vais sair de lá com vontade de fazer uma cover do Noddy!! Eh eh eh era lindo, podia dar mais um grande single! ;)