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Cinemuerte- 97/100! Reviewed in Norwegian Melodic Hard Rock Today

By Arne Asbolmo for The Norwegian site Melodic Hard Rock Today

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Cinemuerte were formed in 2002 in Lisboa, Portugal by Sophia Vieira and João Vaz. Only after eight months after they started they contributed on two tribute albums the first was to The Cure, and the second was for The Misfits. The band have played a lot of live shows/ summer festivals in Portugal, and has opened shows for HIM, My Chemical Romance and Paatos. Cinemuerte released their debut album Born From The Ashes in 2006, and not long ago they released their second album Aurora Core. The album was recorded with special guests: drummer Pedro Cardoso (Fever) and with Moonspell guitarist, Ricardo Amorim.

Fernando Ribeiro from Moonspell that has written one Lyric for the song "the night of every day". Ricardo Amorim (Moonspell) recorded all the songs. The album was mixed and mastered in Germany by Waldemar Sorychta (Lacuna Coil, The Gathering, Moonspell, Tiamat, Samael).

This is the third time I write about a portuguese band since I started writing on my web site about six years ago. After I heard a few songs of Cinemuerte I could not let this fine band go by without writing about them! Musically Cinemuerte mixes a lot of different styles from alternative rock/pop, melodic hard rock/melodic metal with a little hint of gothic metal/rock with some electronic elements. Aurora Core is really a delicate album that opens with A Tapper Light. The song opens with a yelling guitar before we are taken to a melodic rock/ hard rock oriented song. The fine smooth verses with Sophia..s great vocals is a pleasure listening to. The song builds up to a bit tougher chorus parts, the sound is cool and the fine instrumentation make me entertained with a lot of fine details. Up For A Fight rocks a bit harder than the first. Fine melodic verses leads the way to really strong chorus parts. The way Sophia uses her voice in this song is great to listen to, and takes the song to a great level. Air is the first video from the album, a more alternative rock oriented song. It opens with some cool electronic elements, but kicks off with a fine rhythm and melodic vocals. A song that grow for each time I hear it, and the chorus lines will get stuck in your head after some rounds in the player. I Am A Fool But I Love You opens a bit experimental with some cool instrumentation. The song kicks off with a straight forward gothic rock oriented style, but slows down a bit in the verses before it getting a more gothic rock/ hard rock oriented style in the chorus parts. A real beauty of a song that took place in my heart immediately. I like the mood in the next The Night Of Every Day. The song opens with a small delicate instrumental part, but kicks off with a gothic rock like style. The mood in the verses with the vocals and instrumentation is breathtaking and the way the song perfectly builds up to the choruses is a pleasure listening to! I also like the fine melodic guitar solo in this! Slightly Mad is a more modern alternative pop/rock styled song. Fine verses with vocals that you will love, the song kicks off to rememberable chorus parts. The nice instrumentation brings an own twist into the song and make me want to hear it again and again. The House Of The Past opens with some fine guitars. A really touching rock song with beautiful verses that builds up with a harder style round the chorus parts. The drumming throughout in this is cool and the nice guitar details keep me entertained. The song Dave has a fine mood, the smooth delicate verses lead the way to some really nice melodic chorus parts. The vocals from Sophia is just fabulous and bring the songs up to a high level. The Call ends the album a fine song with a more smooth emotional touch. The song crackles with real life in the chorus parts and all the way throughout Cinemuerte manages to keep me entertained and interested with great written songs with good production and sound, nice vocals and fine instrumentation. So if you yet haven..t heard this band you better check them out now!!!97/100

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