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Tastes Foreign

Foto by L.Salzedas @ Santiago Alquimista

Digital Bath / Deftones

You move like I want to
To see like your eyes do
We are downstairs where
No one can see
New life breakaway
Tonight I feel like more
Tonight I
You make the water warm
You taste foreign
And I know you can see
The cord breakaway
Cause tonight I feel like more
Tonight I feel like more
Feel like more
You breathed
Then you stopped
I breathed then dried you off
And tonightI feel like more

by Sage865711916 on 06-07-2002 @ 07:25:45 PM
I think this song relates to how easy it is to just be completely immersed in someone, to completely fall in love and make them the only person in your life, and then how easy it is just to throw it all away at a whim. It's about how simple and yet how complicated a relationship can be. But still, even if you do decide to throw it all away, a part of you will still care for the person, and that's why this girl is "dried off" in the end, despite the fact that she's been killed.

by Skatbord17 on 03-18-2002 @ 04:18:20 PM
Chino had a dream about seeing a chick in a bathtub. He then dreamed about himself walking into the bathroom and droping somthing in the water to electricute her.

by asmodai on 03-26-2002 @ 11:35:34 AM
yeah cool song.to me it's 'bout being in love and being with your love downstairs, where no-one can see. one of the best deftones songs

by *Iris* on 04-13-2002 @ 03:17:24 PM
This is a great song but it think it's deaper than it seems....I think it's about being completely infatuated with someone, so much that you want to "see like their eyes do" and I think maybe this is the first time these two people are having sex because he says "tonight I feel like more"....he says she "tastes foreign" and this also leads me to think it's the first time he's tasted her like this....I think alot of the deftone's songs are sexual but i think this one is more about pure infatuation and lust....

by Ben0008 on 05-09-2002 @ 03:41:40 AM
"... We had this bathroom that merged Abe's room and my room together, and we spent a lot of time just hanging out in the bathroom, staying up and partying all night. I came up with this scenario of luring a female friend down into the bath and electrocuting her. It's a beautiful song, but it does have a sinister side." - Chino Moreno

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Que bonita!

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Who's anonymous?
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Anónimo disse...

I didn't expect you would pay any attention to my compliment. It was not my intention to create any sort of confusion or trouble. I don't want to be misunderstood, but then i actually think you're quite pretty in that photo. Please don't get me wrong. I'm sorry for not signing it when i did it. So, it's only fair to do it now.
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